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It Is Time To Eliminate The Monster!


You Know The Old Saying That "Two Heads Are Better Than One." Well... the same holds true for floating pond and lake fountains.  In the past, most clients purchased large pond and lake fountains for obviously.... large ponds and lakes. We at Comet Fountains have a better solution to this problem. A better way would be to simply utilize a couple of medium-sized (or larger sized) floating pond fountains for the pond or lake in question. You will gain three benefits by going with this setup:


1. Save Money - The cost of 2 or even 3 floating fountains by Comet Fountains is more economical than 1 Monster size floating fountain from our competitor's! Call us.. within a few minutes, we can discuss how this is possible.  


2. Looks much better - Multiple floating fountains than only one floating fountain 


3. Pease Of Mind - With multiple floating fountains, you do not have to worry as much when the unit needs to be maintained or until should fail. - Yes all floating fountains will fail sooner or later. But Comet Fountains lasts longer than all of the competitors!  


Saving money is a good thing if the value is not sacrificed!


Here is an example..... If the lake or pond is an estimated 300 feet by 300 feet (2 acres or so) the obvious choice is to go with the single larger floating fountain. But have you ever considered of utilizing 2 or more "small or medium-sized" floating fountains, like the ones that Comet Fountains manufacturers? The benefits of deploying multiple floating fountains could be a better choice. For instance, a large floating fountain sold from our competitor to satisfy an entire 300 x 300 foot (2 acres or so) pond would cost around $15,000 or more. Not to mention the time to setup and deploy that "monster" sized floating fountain. Then you have to lay 220 volts Alternating Current (about $4,000 to install). Now the fun part......When that "monster" sized floating fountain breaks down it will cost you an arm and a leg to repair it. Weeks go by with no floating fountain because they are repairing the unit. Alge starts to bloom. I think you can see the visual picture now.... In contrast, Comet Fountains has a solution to this long-time problem. This problem can be overcome by simply deploying 2 or more Comet floating fountains. I know it seems obvious but at times it is overlooked. Please click here to see how to eliminate the "Monster Floating Fountain."

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